Patreon report, December 2015: A month-and-a-quarter of NSFW comics, previews and more!


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Yesterday, I posted the first reward of the new month for my Patreon backers — a set of digital wallpapers for desktops and mobile devices. I’m proud to announce that last month was a tremendous month for our Patreon group. Having posted exclusive content (including NSFW comics) in October for every weekday, and exceeding that in November with an exclusive post for every day of the month, I reached a new high by posting enough content in December for about a month-and-a-quarter! The 38 Patreon-exclusives last month included…

9 Evil Inc previews — including a 3D floorplan of the new office layout and full-page looks at the new Evil Inc graphic novel.

7 Uncensored Courting Disaster (NSFW)

4 Full-page Evil Inc After Dark episodes (NSFW)

4 Bonus cartoons

4 NSFW sketches

2 NSFW illustrations

2 Pin-ups

2 Opportunities to get the 2016 Evil Inc pin-up calendar for $9.99 or less.

2 Digital comics — a three-month and a four-month compilation of Evil Inc strips from the past year.

1 Nine-page NSFW story from the Blooming Faeries members-only section.

1 Set of desktop/mobile wallpapers

Join the fun

If you’re thinking about joining our group to get access to all of that great stuff, it’s a great time to join right now! Evil Inc After Dark has turned into an amazing thing — full-page stories, many of which link together into a larger narrative… and no limits. They’re NSFW comics that will leave you breathless.

If you liked Courting Disaster, you’re going to love seeing what I can do when the gloves come off. (And the gloves are just for starters…)

If you miss the comment section on the main site, this is your chance to have discussions with other Evil Inc fans. The chat function in Patreon updates immediately, so if I’m around (and I usually am), we can even talk in real time.

In short, Patreon is where it’s all happening. You’re missing out on a ton of great stuff if you’re not there.