Holiday Intermission

Bad tweets, and why they’re bad

Many of us are great at creativity, but when it comes to promotion, we stink on ice. It’s really just a different target for our creative skills, but we don’t usually see it that way. So we throw darts at the wall and hope for the best. (And then blame the algorithm when we miss!) Let’s talk about doing better. Here’s a little game. Open Twitter and search the #webcomics hashtag. Go down the list of results, and see if you can identify the reasons that these posts might be failing. (Here’s a hint: Most of them are, but if you need confirmation, just look at the engagement they’re getting.) The good news is that many of these bad social-media approaches have similar features. And when you start learning to identify those, you can start focusing on what works in your own social-media posts. Read the rest of this post on