More revelations from Thea


Narration box: A short explanation later...

Captain Heroic: This is a lot to digest. You're a princess from another world...

Thea: A queen. From another dimension. and you were exiled when an

alien species invaded and colonized your planet.

Thea continues: Yes. I've been living amongst you humans for decades. Trying to find a way home. Dr. Muskiday may have found a way for me to return using a device I was exiled with. However, each test drone we sent

was destroyed in transit." "I would need an invulnerable body to make the trip. And you happen to have one."

Captain Heroic: So, you want me to go to your planet and fight for their freedom?

Thea: No... I want you so ~I~ can go to my planet and fight for their freedom.