Is this a dream? Is this reality?


Narration / Mister Howell: Something's not right.

Mister Howell: Tasha... what was that, back there? — in the bedroom?

Tasha: That... was wonderful.

Mister Howell: No... I mean, this morning...

Mister Howell: Our daughter... um, Clarissa... I was teaching her about the phases of the moon...

Mister Howell: It's an essential concept for our people to understand. — Crucial for us to keep track of.

Mister Howell: Yet, you let Clarissa think it was a joke.

Tasha: Are you feeling all right, my love? What's all this nonsense about moon phrases?!

Mister Howell: Phases. Moon phases.

Another woman wearing a skimpy nightshirt enters the kitchen: "-yawn- Good morning, my love..."

Narration: I mean... it's not BAD...