My favorite super power

Captain Heroic and his father, Commander Heroic, sit on a gargoyle above the city.

Commander: I wish you were still eight years old. That's the only time I REALLY felt like a superhero.

The Commander continues as the scene switches to a young Commander walking into the bedroom of a frightened 8yo Cap: If there were a monster under your bed or a ghoul in your closet, all I had to do was walk in the door.

The scene is the same bedroom, but now the Commander is fighting a monster with the young captain Heroic in its maw: Except that time there actually WAS a monster under your bed!

The scene returns to the two on the gargoyle. Commander: The rest of the time, I didn't need to be super strong or super fast... All I needed to be was... THERE. Being your father was always my favorite superpower.

In the final panel, Captain Heroic is trying to call his father on the phone, but no one is answering.