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Special Offer: The Best of Desi, Part 2

All of my Patreon backers at the Arch Villain tier or higher by January 31 are going to get this sizzling 43-page NSFW eComic — FREE! This is a follow-up to the sizzling Best of Desi eComic that became an instant fan favorite!
Tales of the Evil Inc Archive #17 — Gettin' a Little Tail, The Best of Desi, Part 2
This extravaganza features some of Desdemona's best appearances in both Evil Inc After Dark and commissioned illustrations. That includes the recent storyline featuring her and her two suitors, Iron Dragon and Surgat the Deshrouder Demon.
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Smartphone edition!
The eComics will be delivered in two formats:
  • a DRM-free PDF eComic
  • a special vertical-scroll format optimized for smartphones!
The Smartphone Edition eComic is something I've been working on perfecting over the past years. My readers have been very enthusiastic about the reading experience. This is perfect for the person who wants to read NSFW comics in the comfort of their own phone.