Bringing out the animal in him

Interior scene, Death Chill and Miss Match — in the afterglow of a one-night stand — react to Death Chill’s wife knocking on the door. Miss Match is getting dressed and walking towards the door.

Death Chill: How on! What are you DOING?!

Miss Match: We’re not exclusive, Jerry. I know you’ve been seeing other women. We’re gonna talk this out like adults.

(Miss Match opens the door) Miss Match: Hello, my name is —— Star Force: TRAMP! SLUT!

ADULTERER! Miss Match: Hold on, lady! Those first to are fair, but the third one —— (to Death Chill) YOU HAVE A WIFE?!

Star Force: …and three kids! (Death Chill is shown encased in a very small force bubble)

Death Chill: Now, honey… this is no way to solve our — …honey?? HONEY?!

(From off-panel, he continues) NOT SNOWGLOBE! ANYTHING BUT SNOWGLOBE! (Star Force is seen violently shaking the force bubble up and down as Miss Match gathers her clothes and leaves)

Miss Match: I’ll just see myself out…