Cap’s new relationship

Introducing the new site!

The new Evil Inc site is up, and I'm thrilled to share some features, including...
  • Panel-by-panel scroll for smartphone visitors
  • Patreon integration: Access exclusive content from the site!
  • If you want to skip the landing page, bookmark  


We're still loading images, but eventually all of the post-reboot Evil Inc comics will be presented in a Webtoons-style scroll.  Desktop users will get the usual full-comic view.

Patreon integration

 Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster and the NSFW Commissions will each have a subsite on the Evil Inc site that you can access with your Patreon log-in. They are:

This is all about give you a better reading experience than the one currently available on Patreon. For example, desktop users visiting EiAD will get a full-page eBook experience. On smartphones, EiAD will present a panel-by-panel vertical scroll! (We're still uploading, but 27-37 are functional right now.) That means you can read these spicy stories in the comfort of your own phone!

Landing page

The main site now has a different function — presenting all of my various projects to new visitors. If you want to skip all of that, just bookmark — and you'll bypass all of that to get to the latest comic.