Introducing Tempest

More fun with the Evil Inc website

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In the previous update, Dr. Whoosh chastised Lightning Lady for not greeting him properly. After all, besides being the CEO of the company, he was a three-time recipient of the Ra's Al Ghul lifetime Achievement Award.

As the elderly supervillain storms off...

Lightning Lady, to a lithe young woman who has been standing by: "..THREE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS??"

The woman replies: "He's that old. He remembers the Dead Sea when it was just sick. I'm Tempest, Dr. Whoosh's personal assistant."

Lightning Lady: "Nice to meet you. I'm Lightning Lady. Why is Methuselah in town?"

Tempest: "He's here to install your new branch manager."

Lightning Lady: "A new manager? I thought we were doing fine since Thea left."

Tempest, reviewing some data on her tablet: "Your net profit has a hole in it, your cash flow is clogged, and your return on equity...? -- It left without a forwarding address."

Lightning Lady: "Is that bad?"

Tempest: "The Better Business Bureau called. They said you'd better start doing some business."