Nemesis Awards

New Evil Inc storyline!

Today's comic kicks off a brand-new storyline for Evil Inc! Longtime readers of the comic will remember the Nemesis Awards from way back when this comic was black-and-white — over 12 years ago! It featured prominently in a three-week storyline that culminated in the telling of the secret origin of Evil Atom! Who's going to be nominated for a Nemmie this year? Stay 'tooned. [randcomic slug=nemesis-awards-7 size=large]

Surviving Creativity

On the preceding episode of Surviving Creativity, I said that independent cartoonists should stop going to comic conventions (unless they were confident they could turn a profit). Co-host Cory Casoni said that creators should cross at least one convention appearance off their lists. As a result, we found our feeds flooded with questions about attending cons… because, of course we did. So we’re diving deep into conventioneering from pre-show orders, to your post-show Profit & Loss statement. Plus, a whole a slew of con stories and some good networking & etiquette advice for creators and attendees alike.


Meanwhile, on ComicLab, Dave Kellett and I talk about what brought us to cartooning — and more importantly, why we've stuck with it for 20 years. It's a deceptively important question to ask yourself as a creator. And we dig deep into the reasons we do comics as opposed to another creative pursuit.