Werewolf Rebellion, Part Two


If you've ever wondered if I gestured wildly like a crazy person when I talk, here's your chance to find out! I was delighted to talk to Barney Smith about comics, crowdfunding, and the future!



A werewolf walks up to a long line of werewolves.

An Off-Panel voice yells: MAKE WAY FOR THE WOUNDED!

Three wounded werewolves stumble across the foreground. The each have plastic dog collars a veterinarian would give a wounded dog to prevent it from licking its wounds

Wounded Werewolf A: Dude… you OK?

Wounded Werewolf B: Yeah. The kid got in a lucky shot. HE DISTRACTED ME!

Wounded Werewolf C: For what it’s worth, it really DID look like he threw the ball!

The scene returns to the two werewolves from the earlier update.

Werewolf A: I don’t wanna get injured. It’s bad enough MY MARRIAGE is falling apart.

Werewolf B: Mine, too.

Werewolf A: My wife has some pretty outdated prejudices about werewolves. What does YOUR wife have?

Werewolf B (looking miserable): …silver fillings

The scene widens. A port-a-john is seen in the background.

Werewolf B: Oh, it looks like I’m next. Nice talking to you.

The port-a-john opens to show a fire hydrant inside.