Two against one isn’t fair

Here's a Special Offer on an eComic I've been excited to release for a while now! I've taken all of the comics featuring Battalion and Dynasty and added some commissions to create a scorching little narrative about the young couple's desire to build a new superhero group "the old-fashioned way." This 27-page eComic is going out to all backers who are at the Arch-Villain tier and higher by February 29th.

Phables — The Curse of Rafinesque

Here’s a special Phables* comic I did back in 2006, that I love to share every Halloween.

It’s the (mostly) true story about a botanist who taught at Transylvania University in Kentucky (the place really exists). When he was caught with the college president’s wife, he was ousted from campus. Upon leaving, he placed a curse on the institution, and, supposedly, every seven years, something tragic happens at Transylvania University. The last “Curse Year”, by the way, was 2018, so we’re due in just two more years.