The Randomizer


Dr. Muskiday bursts into the Evil Inc office, weilding a gun. 

Panel 1:

Dr. Muskiday: "Doctor Whoosh! — I've got something for you!"

Panel 2:

Dr. Muskiday: "In honor of your visit, I'd like to present you with my latest invention: The Randomizer. It safely transports the target to a parallel universe — completely at random."

Panel 3:

Dr. Muskiday: "Because it's untraceable, the person is lost forever. But since it's non-lethal, the user can't be charged with a capital offense."

Panel 4:

Dr. Muskiday: "They're not dead. They're just terminally misplaced."

Panel 5:

Dr. Whoosh: "That's wonderful, m'boy!"

Panel 6:

Dr. Whoosh: "Please set it down over there. I have an announcement to make."

Dr. Muskiday: "Computer: Access to-do list: Check-off gun."

Evil Inc eComic #50

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