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Webcomics warriors Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking about making comics. Several webcartoonists hosted on LINE Webtoons were nominated for ‘Ringo Awards. Is it the new hotbed of webcomics talent? THEN is there any value to being “syndicated” on GoComics? NEXT. what should you look for in a contract? And FINALLY, the guys talk about how to write a journal comic better.

BUT FIRST… Brad has been watching “House M.D.” and if that show can be “What if Sherlock Holmes was a doctor,” then he wants a new medical-mystery series — “Dr. Columbo.”

Show notes

  • 00:00 — Brad’s idea for a new medical mystery drama — “Dr. Columbo”
  • 06:22 — Sponsor: Skittercomics.com
  • 09:07 — ‘Ringo Award nominees and LINE Webtoons
  • 22:53 — Should you be “syndicated” on GoComics?
  • 32:49 — How to negotiate a contract
  • 51:37 — How to do a journal or autobiographical comic

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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Webcomics.com

Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.