The story so far… part 2
The Story So Far… pt 1
Intermission May 16
Intermission May 14
Intermission May 9
Intermission May 7
Meanwhile… at the Silver Agency
Meanwhile… Desi’s Throuple
Intermission April 25
Intermission April 23
Someone to watch over me
It’s a dog’s life…
Classic Cap is back!
Miss Match has a new job at Evil Inc
Coming home
Don’t let a little thing like this come between us…
Where’s Miss Match??
Post rescue smooches
Feel like a hero again
An apology is owed
Getting called up
All my fault
Meanwhile… Desi’s throuple, part 2
Meanwhile… Desi’s triad
Heroes are so headstrong
In too deep
Two against one isn’t fair
Dad’s here
Valentines Day Special
With friends like these…
Thea roundup 2
Thea roundup 1
Commander Heroic’s secret life
Werewolf’s revelation
Match made in heavan
“Why am I here?”
Match in peril
Thea’s army
More revelations from Thea
Thea has big plans for Cap
Plant gossip
Re-introducing Dark Seed
Flower power
A werewolf’s paradise
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Is this a dream? Is this reality?
One big happy family!
Predator stalking her play
Big mistake
It’s a trap
Werewolf Rebellion, Part Two
The Great Werewolf Rebellion
The Commander is hip
My favorite super power
Thea, the mastermind
Call waiting
This looks like a job for…
Meanwhile, in Ralph’s Diner
Chapter 14: Splash Page
Chapter 14: Cover
Epilogue 2
Epilogue 1
Calling in the Big Gun
If this room’s a-rockin’…
Grody to the max
She’s out there, somewhere.
A queen in exile
Tough luck
Monitor Duty
Flower power
Killing the Mood
Introducing Dark Seed
Gene Pool
The team
“He’s a keeper”
Grief cocktail
Big boys don’t cry
Mood Ring
Rhinestone Cowgirl
Lost in the seventies
Don’t mess with mom
Go to your happy place!
Name that tune!
Save the queen!
Escape to planet Earth!
Alternate solutions
The new queen
A clear and present threat
Introducing the princess
The many faces of Elastic Man
Wingman’s TV room
Trophy room
Life of the party
The cat’s away…
Poker night
The team that plays together stays together