Blank Label Comics garnered 11 nominations in the 2006 Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, which were announced yesterday.

Starslip Crisis, by Kristofer Straub, took 5 nominations — Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Black-and-White Art, Outstanding Use of Flash, Outstanding Web Design, and Outstanding Science Fiction Comic.

Kris earned a sixth nod for his writing on Starslip Crisis, Checkerboard Nightmare, and Modern Humor Authority.

Wapsi Square, by Paul Taylor, earned two nominations: One for Outstanding Black-and-White Art and another for Outstanding Character Art.

Shortpacked!, by David Willis, got two nods: One for Outstanding Comedic Comic and another for Outstanding Web Design.

Ugly Hill, by Paul Southworth, was nominated for Outstanding Character Art.

Voting for the Webcartoonists’ Choice Awards began on June 12 and will end on July 10. The winners will be announced July 17.